What if you had a magic wand?

What if you are not sentenced to live everyday in pain? What if you woke up in love with your life and in love with you? What if you believed you are worthy, powerful, and limitless? 

What would your life be like if you felt this way everyday? 

Welcome Wellness Warrior

Life Mastery Wellness Coaching embodies a central philosophy for total wellness through healthy beliefs and mindsets, emotional intelligence, physical vitality, and spiritual congruency.  

If what you want isn't matching what you are getting, you are out of balance.

Why do so many often feel anxious and stuck in one area of their life? Why do people feel unsatisfied even after success? Why do people struggle with breaking through depression, chronic pain, or addictive patterns? Why do so many struggle with their health and feel no better after medication? 

The answer is Wellness. 

The western world often views wellness through the window of a physician's office and a therapy chair. Although these methods and treatments are often necessary for treatment, it is only part of the picture. 

I spent the better part of 20 years experiencing various physical, mental, and emotional conditions, in and out of doctor offices until I hit the bottom of hopelessness. 

Through total surrender, I found myself at the bottom of a mountain of brutal honesty. What I was doing, my way of thinking, how I dealt with my emotions and the past, and the choices I made simply weren't working. 

I decided that pain was no longer going to be my story. 

Through many years of learning, mentor-ship, radical self-exploration, deep level healing, and massive commitment, I redesigned my  life from the ground floor.

I wrote myself a new story, and discovered how to achieve wellness through 6 different contexts:







My mission and privilege is to interrupt the stories, patterns, and programs that have been blocking you from seeing what is possible for your life so that your body, mind, and soul can experience the the freedom from suffering and power you were born to feel. 

You deserve to know how good "GOOD" can feel... 

You can, you will, you must! 

I got your back. 


If you want a different life, you must BE different.

Breakthrough Sessions (Intensive 2 days)


The quickest and most effective way to drastically get to the root of your problem and release the negative emotions and beliefs around it. In two in-person hour sessions, you will uncover your subconscious programming, beliefs, emotional blocks, patterns that have stopped you, get clear on your highest values that shape you, gain massive awareness, release years of emotional pain and trauma, and get clarity around your goals and what your exact next step are. 


  • 2 days (4-5 hours each) In-Person sessions 
  • Deep Level Past evaluation 
  • Identifying negative and limiting beliefs 
  • Discover unconscious values and perspectives 
  • Identify emotional baggage
  • Powerful breath work exercises 
  • Mental and Emotional Release Therapy 
  • Clearing and Cleansing of Energy Body 
  • Clarity of goals 
  • Integration of the mind and body
  • Creating a Wellness plan



Reconstruct Your Life (4 months)


 Based upon each individual's unique gifts, desires, and objectives, Jamie co-creates tailor-made blueprints, which carefully constructs a personal wellness map to easily and effortlessly move through the flow of life. Her approach is integration and personal inventory, addressing the complete context of your life including: relationships, professional, health, mindset, spirituality and personal growth. Within 4 months, you will completely transform and redesign your life. 


  • 1 Discovery session
  • Wellness Inventory Checklists
  • Monthly evaluations
  • Weekly hour sessions (video call) 
  • Weekly 20 min check-in call
  • Personalized exercises 
  • Powerful Tools and Techniques
  • Weekly Focused Assignments
  • Unlimited email access 



(monthly payment plan option of $555/month)

Situational Coaching (As needed 60 minute sessions)


There are often moments when life can throw a hard fast ball, and knock you off balance. Seeing a fresh perspective or releasing emotions and energy can turn doubt, frustration, heartbreak, or mental cloudiness, into clarity and resourcefulness. Wouldn't it be freeing to imagine that your situation isn't as bad as it seems? Wouldn't it be exciting to know you are capable and confident to take on any circumstance? Situational coaching is intended to create clarity around any event or circumstance and evoke from you the answers you need to take the next step forward. 


  • 1 hour Video Call or In-person session 




"Jamie is the perfect alternative to traditional therapy. Although professionally trained, she does not use traditional methods. She is perfect for those who have tried therapy, but know they need something more. She hears whats not being said, as much as she hears what’s explicitly right in front of her. If you want to feel heard, she will not only satisfy that urge, she will provide a mirror of your own blind spots, in a compassionate manner that will give you those pleasurable “aha” moments that you didn’t even realize you were capable of anymore. If you want clarity, compassion, and any kind of emotional wellness, she is the one for you.” 

- Dawn Gustav, Los Angeles (Breakthrough Client)  

"Jamie is the oracle of your true self. She will speak for you when you're your own worst enemy. She will find a way when there seems to be none. She will tell you all the things you don't want to hear but desperately need to. She is the main reason I found the willingness to stop bullshitting myself and become the best version of me. She is an expert on life coaching, so masterfully conducted that it's seamless how you transition from a mundane conversation to the acknowledgment of your deepest beliefs and wants. With her, you will realize how wrong you were about life, the universe, and everything. With her, you will learn there is so much more that is achievable. She is, definitely, a wonder of this world."

- David Ramirez, Los Angeles (Redesign Client) 

"Jamie is gifted with supernatural insight, like no joke. There were many times in our coaching sessions where she knew exactly what the deeper issue with me was, and had the grace and soft delivery to get her words to land on me in a way that shook me to my core. Her experience doing NLP, life coaching, and energetically reading past, present, and future issues left me both stunned and liberated. She is always available, always takes my calls or messages, and gives her 100% attention and focus when we talk. Her compassion and love for people is like nothing I have ever seen, she cries for you when you don't even know how to cry or feel what you are going through. 100% not from this world and 100% recommend her for hire, she's worth far more than what she charges."

- Rissa Durham (Breakthrough Session and Redesign Client)  


Jamie is an amazing coach, she listens better than anyone I've ever experienced and re frames what I'm saying or thinking to empower me and move me forward. I let go of a lot of negative thoughts of myself and others. Her intuition and the way she hears to what I don't say is astounding. Even on days when I want to give up or just not feeling like doing anything she reminds me of my higher purpose and my vision for me and my family and has the day not be a chore but an opportunity. Through her coaching I let go of my ego, became a great listener, find joy and gratitude on a daily basis, fixed multiple relationships with my family and have a thriving organization. Wouldn't have happened without her she's amazing and changed the direction of my life for the better!

 - Gustavo Hernandez (Redesign Coaching)

" I was first introduced to Jamie by way of a women's spiritual group. We became trusted friends and confidants over the several months we spent journeying together. Through this experience I was made privy to the fact that Jamie is an incredibly unique individual. She journeyed into this lifetime with a fierce intent to love others into a better knowing of themselves. To accomplish this task she has been rendered the gifts and abilities to imbue love, affirmation, validation, and grant insight into the lives of all who are receptive to seeing. I requested Jamie's support by way of an intuitive reading and spiritual guidance. I was nothing short of amazed about how in tune she was. She was able to bring to the surface several things that I had long let linger in my sub-conscious. Even more impressive to me still was her undeniable and sincere level of love and care as she impressed these insights and affirmations upon me.

We are all here for a unique purpose. Jamie is actively fulfilling hers. Thank you Jamie."

- Patty Wilson (Spiritual Coaching Client) 


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Transformation is a gift

"Often it's the deepest pain which empowers you to grow into your highest self"

- Karen Salmanaohn

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