Breakthrough Therapy

What is a Breakthrough Session?

For those suffering from extreme emotional pain, my breakthrough sessions provide a newfound feeling of relief, clarity, and sense of direction; especially for those that have tried and failed with traditional therapy.  

My clients have raved about the new state of happiness and peace they were able to find after feeling like there were no options left. 

Because Breakthrough Sessions are personal and customized to fit each person's needs, a session can last between 8-10 hours and is usually split into 2 sessions.

How does a Breakthrough Session work?  

After a preliminary phone call upon which we will discuss what you are wanting to break through, we will begin the process of discovering the root cause. You will be asked a series of question that will uncover the source of your greatest problem and beliefs that you might not have been aware! Using the powerful tools of Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Hypnosis, Mental and Emotional Release Therapy (MER), and energetic and intuitive modalities, together we will dig deep into the unconscious and bring to surface what thoughts and beliefs are not in alignment with what you desire and who you truly are. One by one, we will eliminate each limiting and negative belief as you gain new insight and clarity, enjoying the process as you create moments of enlightenment! 

You will become equipped with new mindset methods and behavior strategies to help navigate your new experiences of your emotions and circumstances. Through aligning your beliefs and matching them with your subconscious values, we will construct a goal that is born of inspiration, creative action, and congruent desire.  Over the next 4 months, I will support you in manifesting this goal by acting as your mirror, cheerleader, loving listener, and bullshit breaker. 

What is Mental and Emotional Release Therapy?

MER stands for Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy. MER is a clinically researched approach to help you release anxiety, depression, stress, or any other negative emotions that have become part of your “baggage.” Importantly, this is a powerful and remarkably effective technique that reestablishes balance, giving us permission to bring into awareness and eliminate baggage in a healthy and effortless way. Furthermore, this session can be used to regain confidence, self-esteem, authentic expression, and self-love after painful or traumatic experiences. 

When we seek to change our beliefs, we often do so at a conscious level. However, rapid change occurs at an unconscious level. How refreshing would it be to experience peace of mind and freedom from those heavy emotions in one session?  

“Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy was created by applying a therapeutic process to the concept of an internal memory storage system. The result is a collection of techniques which produces long-lasting transformation more quickly than what is currently called Brief Therapy. These powerful MER techniques are becoming the method of choice to make fast, effective, long-term changes in behavior.” (Dr. Matt James) 

This effective and lasting technique helps those who are experiencing inappropriate emotional reactions like bursts of anger, unexplained apathy, chronic anxiety or depression, and the feeling of being trapped by the emotional experience of a life-altering event like a divorce or death.

The Bold Truth

This is YOUR life, you are responsible for how you choose to experience it, you are the creator of your success. And, if you are overthinking what to do next, you are not taking ACTION towards creating the relationship of your dreams, a passion-filed deeply fulfilling career, physical vitality that motivates you to move, or experiencing life from a powerful, confident, and happy state.

CHOOSE you. 

- You don't have to hold onto your fears, just take one step at a time.

Benefits of Breakthrough Coaching


  • Eliminating reactions to stress
  • Burnout prevention and/or recovery
  • Getting through difficult transitions more easily
  • Overcoming fears, anxiety and low self esteem
  • Healing – physical, psychological and spiritual issues
  • Creating healthy and successful relationships

If you have ever asked yourself or spoke the following, a Breakthrough Session is for you: 

  • I wish I could...
  • On one hand I want this on other I want...
  • If I could simply find a way to do...
  • I just can’t let it go of....
  • I have tried but I just can’t stop...
  • I don’t know why I feel this way
  • I can’t deal with it now; it’s still too painful
  • I wonder how people stop feeling...

wave a magic wand